The Trichotomy of Non-existence, Non-meaning & Nowhere

The Trichotomy of Non-existence, Non-meaning, and NowhereI have always been fascinated with the written word, be it poetry or its longer cousin, books. In 2010 I had a goal: write a full length novel and publish it.

So I wrote two.

And then, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle ebook format, published them.

The long and awkwardly titled “Trichotomy of Non-existence, Non-meaning & Nowhere” was my first attempt at a novel and draws on my interests in zen, taoism and factoids from our diverse world. It is a tale of three parts with three distinct characters that end up intertwined in each others fate for no apparent reason.

I have tried to summarize this tale, but with so many twists and seemingly random turns, eventually the summaries become the tale itself. So, rather than any short form, I would rather you read The Trichotomy for yourself.

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