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The Rains Outside

Friday, November 11th, 2016

I reached, but you weren’t there;
I cried, but you didn’t hear me;
I tried, but I failed somewhere,
And the rains outside don’t care.

Woke up this morning to nothing,
And I decided to go nowhere;
There was nothing to do all day,
And the rains outside didn’t care.

We had a million conversations,
But they were all in my own head;
Afterwards, only silence was there,
And the rains outside never cared.

The Falling Leaf

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

The falling leaf is caught by the wind
And a multitude of angles converge
To spin
And flitter
The delicate blade through time and space:
Combined with infinite variables
Predictability approaches chance
—fate approaches luck—
And the leaf approaches the ground within
Its graceful dance that lasts,
But once
For every falling leaf.

Loving Ghosts

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

I recall the sweetest fall,
Where angels wept in the skies;
The cold drink before it all,
Couldn’t hide the fire in your eyes,
As smoke curled around our form,
I could see the future was closed,
And the present was stillborn,
As long as I was loving ghosts.

The sun was high as was I,
When you sailed past like a cloud,
Caught the breeze to catch your eye,
As whispers of love grew loud;
The gods themselves would part seas,
So I could walk to your side,
But even they could not seize,
A drowning heart beneath the tide.

And the sun was high as I stood,
On that lonely strip of the coasts,
I swear I did all that I could,
But still I remain loving ghosts.