Awesome Tech Blog

Toaster of AwesomenessThe world needs sharp cutting-edge insights into technology and trends and stuff.

The electronic fashions explained by experts with real trend views and forecasts. Not sure which mobile to buy? Kindle or iPad? Kellogs or Weetbix? What should my next Facebook update be? What are tomorrows trending topics on Twitter? These questions need answers and we have dedicated ourselves to providing them to you.

Hence, I felt the need to found this bleeding (and slightly bruised) edge technology blog. Along with my co-contributor, Flower Pig, we intend destroying the global (and mildly irritating) tech blogger scene.

You see, the world needs awesomeness. As technology increasingly takes over our waking lives, society is increasingly being dominated by the geek factor. While geeks are useful for things like writing long boring sets of code, tax returns, buying glasses and outsourcing your homework, we are concerned that the world is lacking in awesomeness and have dedicated ourselves to lend weight to this increasingly scarce factor.

Hence, we have the “Awesome Tech Blog“.