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The Cobweb Way

The second of three books in “The Fractayle” series has been published on Amazon: The Cobweb Way.

“The world ended and there was a great and long silence.

The Ancients that survived Red’s virus have crept below ground to sleep the centuries away in chambers of light and darkness wrapped in their beds of dust and metal. They must wait until the numbers of men are great enough to accommodate their existences and so they dream of their Three-faced Queen and her palace across the stars.

In this Great Silence, Unit Two was left by them to guard them while they slept. He was to guard the Entrance and protect the Ancients. He is the Guardian. And then one day one of the humans seeks his help…

The second installation of the mind-blowing high technology science fiction series, “The Fractayle”, this tale builds a unique perspective of the world of men and their monsters, where religion comes from and why, and how everything fits together.

“The Cobweb Way” also sets the scene for the climatic third and final book in the series “The Lights in the Sky”. Who is Bobby Chase? Who is Jason Ash Winters? Did Red survive the Great Silence? What is the Fractayle? What is the End Point? And why is a dark and deep cave in dusty mountain in a strangely familiar desert so important?”

Also see the first book in the series, “The Long Life of the Candle Man

The Cobweb Way (sneak peak)

* Sneak Peak at my new novel's cover

I just finished my first draft of the sequel to “The Long Life of the Candle Man“, which I’ve decided to call “The Cobweb Way”. The first draft has just been sent to my Editor and, hopefully, will go smoothly onto Amazon’s eBookstore within the month.

That said, I have already decided on a cover (i.e. I just finished designing it) and thought I’d drop it here as a sneak peak at the second in a series of three novels (“The Fractayle”).

Also, as a matter of interest, I like opening each of my novels with a poem of some significance. Below is “The Cobweb Way” opening poem:

“By ancient hands of brimstone,
Lying within spider webs so
Complex, if they were shown,
Their strands reaching from below,
Would cast a net so wide and far,
Angels’ feathers would certain stray,
Into tales lacking a guiding star,
And beyond the light of any day.

Tell me those secrets you’ve never told,
Even unto yourself at night,
And walk with me to where the lands hold,
All things between wrong and right.

Ancient hands stir the dark pools,
In old motions oddly familiar,
That they still deceive the fools,
Into becoming something similar;
But no one dreams of the dreams,
That are never dreamt by those,
Which walk in the paths unseen,
Wearing the red soft silk clothes.

Tell me those secrets you’ve never told,
Even unto yourself at night,
And walk with me to where the lands hold,
All things between wrong and right.

Winds of change carry us so,
From dark beginnings begun,
Through yesterday’s old shadow,
Into tomorrow’s raging Sun;
And when blood was blood afire,
Old devil deeds done so long ago,
Split the lands asunder with ire,
And still echo in the chambers below.

Take me to all the places you’ve seen,
And I will take you to all those that you haven’t.”

* Just as a matter of interest, if you are interested in reading this book, I strongly recommend that you read the first in the series first (i.e. The Candle Man). Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle software for free on your computer over here.