Monthly Archives: July 2011

Darkest Twilight

“I am the darkness between my eyelids,” he said,
And she smiled, “No, only the soft twilight instead.”
And the world kept spinning never noticing the two:
Days came, night slipped gently into morning dew,
Rains fell and left as oceans swallowed them all up,
Women danced and many a man drank from a full cup.

And still the world never noticed the two.

He cast his gaze up, “Hollow gods wrought the night!”
“So that we may lie in peace,” she whispered so slight,
And the oblivious machinery of man roared on…
Summers beamed down as winters crept upon,
Darkness fell as sure as the morning caressed the sky,
And mountain tops danced with the land’s idle lie.

And still the world never noticed the two.

The Sun itself burnt its last day upon a barren space,
When the very crows of war donned battle’s lace,
And the metals tore down the last standing man,
And all the world was left an empty quiet land…
“What conclusion can I give,” he sighed inside,
She smiled as she told him that he had already died.