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Graveyard of Buildings

I’ve just gone on leave over this festive period, but have a day or two before I leave Jozi. So I’ve decided to just mess around with more recording.

On that note, perhaps have a look at my Abstract Superheroes andEmpty Roads, Crowded Streets.

I also kinda of realize that all these songs are starting to look like they would fit on an album. And, in fact, I’ve decided that the album will be called ‘Beneath the City‘ and I’m going for that dark, dirty blues atmosphere.

We’ll see how it turns out…

My latest recording is a short instrumental I call ‘Graveyard of Buildings’ and you can download it here: Graveyard of Buildings.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Empty Roads, Crowded Streets

I’ve continued my experiments with recording my guitar playing, layering it and putting it all together with some street photographs I have taken. I must admit, I am quite enjoying discovering what (for me) is a new art form!

The latest result is a short photo montage of Johannesburg CBD that I took earlier this years with an accompanying acoustic piece by me. I call it “Empty Roads, Crowded Streets”.


If anyone wants just the music and not the video, then you can download the mp3 here: Empty Roads Session.

Abstract Superheroes

Few of you probably know that I’ve played guitar most of my life. It has been quite a while since I recorded anything, but more the reason to do so!

Anyone looking through this site will also notice that I like taking pseudo-arty photos. In the background I have been building a rather challenging album called “abstract superheroes”.

So, it was fairly logical to put both these art forms together and (thanks to Google’s Picasa 3!) produce a third and shiny new (to me, at least) art form: “Abstract Superheroes”.


The pictures speak for themselves and the guitar is really a layered recording of myself. A simple chord progression with a layered acoustic lead over it. Both were played on my Ibanez acoustic (nylon string) and I think it came out alright… The creepy voice was a built from a text-to-voice synth with some reverb and editing.

If you want just the music, you can download it here: Abstract Superheroes.

Hope you like it!

I think I may make a few more of these types of things…

The Butterfly and the Dreamer

What if I told you that it was all true?
What if every thought you ever had was true? What if every screaming fanatic’s religious belief was true? What if every twisted scientist’s theory was true? What if every dark murderer’s fantasy was true? Every hazy daydream, every fleeting prose, every miserably morbid thought, every optimistic hope…
All true.
What if every being’s thoughts is the seed that births another universe? A parallel thought to the universe from whence it came. What if our universe was birthed by the thought of some distant other being that became our omnipresent god.
As our thoughts made us the gods of other universes.
How long does a thought last? If you dreamt of infinity, would you ever awaken from it? Well, you might, but the dream itself would feel like it went on for infinity. And, if felt like it went on for infinity, then it did.
There is no difference between perception and reality.
Reality is built on a three dimension scale with space on the one axis, time on the other and thought on the final one.
The thought that birthed our universe has not ended yet, but our thought birthing other universes that spin within that one. A dreamer dreaming of a dreamer dreaming of infinity that dreams of the dreamer dreaming…
What if I told you that it was all true?
What if I told you that I could prove it?
What if I told you that I did prove it…
For, if in this cocooned fleeting existence you think of the answer, it is the answer. The thought is the proof of the thought and we are the gods that drift lazily over oceans of existence birthing whole universes on pure whimsical impulse.
Who exists between the dreamer and dream? Perhaps both. While the one awakens from the other, the other’s existence overrules that of the former for the brief length of its existence.
I am about to awaken and this dream will end. Soon the universe in which you are reading this will no longer exist, but mine will. And mine will exist until our dreamer that dreamt us awakens from his dream.
How long is a thought?
Such a question misses the beauty of perspective, for surely, it is more important that a thought and a dream existed than for how long it did so?
My eyelids are flickering. Good morning! I am leaving. Light will strike me through the curtains as my mother lets the daylight in or my alarm clock goes off or the dogs next door start barking or the farmyard cock begins to crow… Maybe a plane will fly over or soldiers will attack our trenches? Who knows what is left for me outside of this dream, but right now—
Right here.
In this dream.
You are beautiful.
You are beautiful and I want you to know that. This room is beautiful, this place, this time, space and thought… The gold of the light above and the blue of endless skies hold you and carries you to the heights of infinity.
I… I must go.
Honey, wake up…
Just—just, if you want me, if you want to live again, just think of—