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Keith McLachlan pretending to be cool
I suspect Keith is posing in this photo?

BComm Rationum (Economics & Accounting) – BComm Hons. (Accounting) – CA (SA)

Keith McLachlan studied his under- and post-graduate at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and then completed his CA (SA) articles at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

At the same time he also discovered the Internet, Open Source (initially Joomla, but thereafter all the rest of it) and the wonders of blogging when he founded his financial blog, SmallCaps.co.za, as means of airing his passion for investing, the stock market, and the South African small and mid cap sectors (including the AltX).

The Aurora Borealis, Finland
The Aurora Borealis, Lapland, Finland

This period of financial blogging has lasted the better part of a decade (and counting…) and saw him write for numerous online and offline publications (for example), interacting with the media, and generally just have a wonderful time being loud and highly opinionated.

Thereafter, he was snapped up by Standard Bank as their small and mid cap analyst. Moving up to the Big Smoke just after the end of 2009, he found an urban playground highly suited to his personality.

Street meditation is the New Age form of street cred.
Street meditation is the New Age form of street cred, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Nothing lasts forever and his time at Standard Bank was no exception to this rule. At the end of 2010 he accepted a permanent position as a Senior Equities Analyst at Thebe Stockbroking (formerly, ‘Thebe Securities’). Not only did this allow him to continue to pursue his passion with investing in small caps, but it gave him a lot of flexibility in which to move.

During his time at Thebe he became an FM Rated Analyst (#2 in Small & Mid Caps in South Africa as well as being rated in the technology space; he was also pretty chuffed that it took at team of five people to beat him to #1!), but then encountered an offer he simply could not refuse: set up and run a small and mid cap fund of his own!

Lennon's Wall, Prague
Lennon’s Wall, Prague, Czech Republic

Hence, at the start of 2014 he moved to AlphaWealth where he has set up and runs the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund.

That said, Keith is a creative kid and always has a range of projects under his direction (for example, he writes dubious literature and publishes it herehe has delusions that he can write poetry and his occasional pen-and-ink scribbles). While AlphaWealth, his

While AlphaWealth, his fund and SmallCaps.co.za remain his primary pursuit, he has decided to launch this slightly more personal blog as an aggregator of all those things he is involved in and as a way of “putting all it out there” and to build the FlashFictionLibrary.com as part of a long-term delusion towards becoming a “writer”.

You really should not follow Keith on Twitter.

Keith standing in front of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe