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Girl in the Crowd

Girl in the Crowd


I saw the Kings of Leon this year when they came to Joburg. Besides the music (which was great, by the way; check out my favourite Kings of Leon song here), I’ve always been fascinated by huge collections of people all together for a common purpose.

Crowd dynamics are really something else… Even beyond the obvious social dynamics, crowds at concerts have a level of collective energy that is hard to define. But impossible to deny.

I call the above picture “Girl in the Crowd” and it was taken at the Kings of Leon concert I mentioned earlier.

I’ve tried to capture not just the size, not just the atmosphere, but the individual actions of each of the individuals in the foreground. The guy on the left is talking, the guy on the right is walking and the girl in the crowd is sitting, silently and waiting in anticipation for the start of the concert.

All different, all there sharing the same energy.