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Abstract Superheroes

Few of you probably know that I’ve played guitar most of my life. It has been quite a while since I recorded anything, but more the reason to do so!

Anyone looking through this site will also notice that I like taking pseudo-arty photos. In the background I have been building a rather challenging album called “abstract superheroes”.

So, it was fairly logical to put both these art forms together and (thanks to Google’s Picasa 3!) produce a third and shiny new (to me, at least) art form: “Abstract Superheroes”.


The pictures speak for themselves and the guitar is really a layered recording of myself. A simple chord progression with a layered acoustic lead over it. Both were played on my Ibanez acoustic (nylon string) and I think it came out alright… The creepy voice was a built from a text-to-voice synth with some reverb and editing.

If you want just the music, you can download it here: Abstract Superheroes.

Hope you like it!

I think I may make a few more of these types of things…